Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Wind Energy Provides Just 3.5% of Electricity on Coldest Day of the Winter

  • The National Smart Metering Programme aims to fundamentally transform the range of consumer services, technologies and options on offer, with more sophisticated services for consumers who choose dynamic tariffs along with smart home technologies. For example, at times of very high wind generation, domestic hot water or heating systems will be incentivised to switch on and then turn down when wind generation drops - White Paper on Energy

According to Met Eireann, February 24th was the coldest day of the 2015/16 winter :

Demand for electricity was at its highest as people came in from work at 6pm :

Wind energy was providing just 3.5% of peak demand (209MW / 5,891MW). 

Smart Meters will soon be switching off hot water and heating in your home on very cold days like this one. Voters in their thousands are voting for their own funeral. The Irish media glorify the green cause. The future is cold and bleak and "green".

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  1. The recent general election in Ireland proved that voters are not concerned. They leave it to government and they will pay a very high price for trusting them. ESB Electric Ireland have already rang me to persuade me to get a pre pay meter saying it is cheaper. It is just a cheap way to disconnect