Saturday, 7 May 2016

Coldest April in 30 Years

April 2016 was the coldest April in 30 years in some places. All stations showed colder than long term average temperatures (1981-2010 period) :

April 2016 temperature changes

Dublin Airport and Sligo had temperature changes of minus 2 degrees. As far as I know, no disasters happened in these places despite such a huge swing in temperature. 

This is the third consecutive month to have temperatures below the average in Ireland. The cold blob is still there in the Atlantic and the Pacific looks like going the same way :


Yet on the 4th May, most of our elected politicians, with the notable exception of Danny Healy Rae, were telling us that Ireland is warming at an alarming rate :


  1. It is good to see that our public representatives understand the basics of climate change mitigation, and are so committed to GHG reduction. Perhaps they will explain to their constituents that they need to immediately:
    ● Cease producing or consuming any bovine products (meat, milk, cheese, leather etc.)
    ● Switch off all 'smart' personal devices and limit telephony to narrow bandwidth
    ● Close all energy-hungry technologies such as data centres and cloud computing
    ● Cancel all discretionary air travel including sun holidays and weekend breaks
    ● Drop their central heating thermostat to 10°C and put on warm woollen clothing
    Affirmation of these policies in their next election manifesto might be a more accurate measure of their convictions than echoing lofty sweet nothings in Dail Eireann.

    1. Exactly, it seems they are more interested in virtue signalling. The same politicians will be welcoming data centres in a few months time. If they spelt out the reality of what would need to be done to fix the ahem "problem" they would never get elected.

      Interesting that climate change was never even an issue during the election.

  2. May I add to the above this recent news item.

    If the link does not work, google " Top Scientist Resigns admitting Glowbal warming is a scam" Its by Your News Wire . Com. It appears to be the truth. If you are doubtful about the debate on climate change, hopefully this will convince you that is is 1) a bout of mass hysteria and 2) a lot of greedy vultures who would not get by in normal business who have jumped on the band wagon of this incredible scam.

  3. As a member of the Roman Catholic Church going back 60 years, I am puzzled as to why prayer is a recommended as a way tackle problems, (I have heard priests pray for good weather at mass). Yet when it comes the the Pope's views on climate change, only cash is recognized as an effective way to abate carbon. If god controls nature, why not pray to God to prevent glowbull warming?

    1. That's easy! Render unto Caesar, and boy do we have a lot of Caesars. The full gamut of Caesars from REFIT subsidy milkers through political idealogues, fourth rate public service nepotists to Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.
      All praying day and night for cash, today, in denominations as large as possible.

  4. Not sure what David Cullinane's background is but Ms Chambers and Ms Connolly are qualified barristers (as per former Minister Alex White and Climate Justice hero Mary Robinson) which suggests their science credentials ended at the junior/inter cert. But they quote from the IPCC report like the bible and even mention the term "deny".
    Still if it says it in the IPCC climate bible, it must be true....(let's not mention IPCC supremo Pachauri's current legal and credibility issues!)

  5. Pachauri admitted after he left the job, that climate change is a religion as much as a science. It's not that I can prove where the truth lies, but the data on which the theory is based is flawed and there is a lack cross examination. Increased co2 is definitely increasing green growth and it is possible that nature responds to increased human population with increases in food growth.

    1. Most likely the other way round, warming results in increased food production, which in turn results in increased population.

  6. I came across this dated the 16th May 2016 from Reuters.

    Google Refile - Danish Government says wind power has become too expensive. This is what I have been saying all along. Anything you buy which has no use is always expensive. Its only when the Danes acquire a lot of wind energy that the commutative cost becomes prohibitive. A person who can count can notice something which is expensive at small amounts, a person who can't count does not notice something is expensive until the cost effect him directly through impoverishment. The gloss has definitely gone off wind energy.