Monday, 3 October 2016

Curtailment Payments to Wind Farms will Increase Over Winter

From Irish Independent

The compensation will be based on the market price per megawatt of power produced, which is currently at around €50. If an operator could not transmit 100MW, they would be entitled to €5,000. "There is no doubt that at some stage over the coming months we will have to curtail," a source said.

The unavailability of the East West interconnector also means that Eirgrid will have to revise their Winter Outlook :

The capacity margin of 3199 shows how much spare capacity we have over and above demand. This can now be reduced to 2699 with the loss of the interconnector. The Danes generally assume that wind has a capacity credit of zero whereas Eirgrid assume a 14% figure for Irish wind. If we get a prolonged period of High Pressure, then the output of wind will be close to zero and will contribute nothing to adequate capacity. So that leaves a capacity margin of 2,266 MW. If the winter takes a sudden cold turn, then that will put added pressure on this margin as demand rises. 

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  1. There is a big problem with Eirgrid calculation of generation capacity adequacy. They are equating wind turbines as having the same performance , reliability and quality as synchronous generation. There is not a remote correlation between the two. Wind turbines placed too close together loose up to 35% of their output due to wind wake. Wind turbines over densely commissioned in a particular area can have the amount wind energy available for conversion into electricity reduced by 85.71%. Leading edge blade ware can reduce output by at least 5% per annum. The overall loss of output from a wind turbine as it ages is up to 50% over every 6 years of its existence, So blandly assuming that a given capacity can give a long term predictable output is ridiculous. They should be looking at usable capacity which takes account of the above. It will end in disaster.