Thursday, 29 December 2016

Cash For Ash - How Green Feel Good Polices Damage the Environment

        The remedy is sometimes worse than the disease - Francis Bacon

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Green polices are mostly ideological and rarely based on any kind of robust analysis. This was never more evident in the Cash for Ash scheme that was setup in Northern Ireland where amazingly, farmers got paid a profit to burn wood pellets. There are reports that farmers with empty sheds could qualify for the handsome subsidies. There are also reports that people are burning the wood pellets right around the clock with windows and doors open to allow the heat out.   The impact on the environment of course is entirely negative. 

A full report on this crazy scheme can be found here in The Irish Times.


  1. I addressed the Northern Ireland Energy Committee 2 years ago on wind energy. I got the impression its members were devoid of any prudent thought capacity. Green energy smitten incapable of counting figures. In this racket, government set the tariff higher than cost. It was mainly intensive farmers who took up the scheme.
    The more they burned the more money they made, so they burned all they could and let the heat out to the air summer and winter. A whistle blower tried to to raise the alarm, but (like me trying to raise the alarm on the wind scam) no one would listen. More and more contracts were signed as more and more took up the offer. Now they are legally locked in and the cost is at lease £400,000 UK pounds.

    Its no surprise, once policy makers seen green, they cannot help themselves. Look at the political careers of those who promote greenism and you see they don't survive long. Chris Huhne, Ed Davey, Alex Salmond, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Cameron Merkel, Hollande Trudeau will fake away too.

  2. Sorry for typing error above. There is no correction facility. The cost was estimated in the BBC Spotlight Programme at £400,000,000 pounds. £400 million pounds

  3. According to the lead story in yesterdays Irish news Newspaper published in Northern Ireland, but sold south of the border (which I read and quote from) the company that was most involved in this alternative energy scheme, (by being the main supplier the fuel an equipment) warned the government (Arlene Foster included) that the tariff paid to burn the wood fuel exceeded the cost of buying it.

    They wanted to sell the fuel , but they knew that the tariff paid should be somewhat lower than the cost in order to be sustainable. Prior to the scheme, farmers had to bear the full cost of buying fossil fuel to heat their production areas. Once set up under the new scheme, they made a profit from burning it. So they saved the original cost and made a profit from the new system).

    No one would listen. The paper has now upped the projected cost to £500,000,000 British pounds. that is evaluates to about 560 million euros and 617 million US dollars. It's the same with wind energy, except result takes longer to be recognized.

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