Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Migrant Crisis, Robots, Global Warming and the Inconsistency of the Media

Reading and believing the Mainstream media these days requires you to believe several different and conflicting positions / theories at the same time. It seems they have lost all sense of consistency in their urge to be politically correct.  

This video looks at some recent discussions in the media :


  1. With regard to the migrant crisis and its impact on increasing unemployment. How many of these migrants can operate a CNC Machine or write in computer code?. For migrants to increase unemployment levels they would have to be in a position to compete for the jobs that are available. Some of these migrants could not get jobs in s coffee shop serving coffee. With regard to AI Toyota have experienced increases in material losses since they increased robotisation in their plants. They are now going back to use humans improving their Kaizan procedures. The real issues is not they power of the computer in computing but the flexibility in vision systems to adjust to production equipment that is impacted by fatigue, wear and tare and the type of minor changes that humans can pick up pretty fast and adjust to,

    1. "Merkel is acting on the fact that Germany’s rapidly ageing population means that the country is in need of young immigrants." - This is the justification been used, presumably Merkel expects the migrants to pay taxes.