Monday, 9 October 2017

Fossil Fuels Have Dramatically Increased Life Expectancy

From World in Data

Historic Usage of Fossil Fuels

The above graphs are self explanatory and do not require an explanation. As a species we have become obsessed with "carbon emissions" and "clean power" but we have at the same time completely missed the bigger picture - which is that since humans discovered fossil fuels as a power source they have lived for longer than ever before. 

It doesn't mean that pollution is not an issue, it just means it needs to be seen within the larger context of the incredible contribution of fossil fuels to humanity.

Club of Rome - I will just leave this link here for those who want to dig a bit deeper.


  1. The cherry picking of data by this blog as a whole is alarmingly worrying!
    We're living longer thanks to advances in medicines.
    You are not accounting high fossil fuel use to an increase in illnesses such as asthma. What cost has the fossil fuel industry put on our health services?
    The authors of this blog do not take into account many things. Time to ditch those rose tinted glasses lads and move into the modern world. Fossil fuels will be depleted one day and we're moving to alternatives. Like it or not.
    Of course, if you'd like to prove your point that fossil fuels make us live longer, you'll be prepared to prove this by living in a greenhouse, close all the doors and windows and light a coal fire in the corner (no chimney allowed)
    If you are correct, you will live to 110 years of age.
    I suspect you may not last 5 minutes in there without wanting clean air.

  2. "What cost has the fossil fuel industry put on our health services? "

    You are advocating a return to pre industrial age health services. Hospitals need fossil fuels to operate at a modern level. I do not want to see people on life support taken off life support machines because of green religion.

    "The authors of this blog do not take into account many things."

    The green industry are examining fleas on the back of the elephant. I have a responsibility to explain to people the bigger picture. It would be great if fossil fuels did not pollute at all, but in the wider context they provide a standard of living beyond anything even the richest kings in the medieval age had. It is no coincidence that we have improved life expectancy in parallel with our discovery of fossil fuels. Your argument is sophism.

    "prove this by living in a greenhouse"

    Again, this is simply sophism. Modern power stations are cleaner than ever before. The result of your renewable dream is that we will be more dependent on diesel generators and other fast acting power stations when we could be wisely using our most efficient gas generators. Orders for diesel generators are on the rise. Demand Side Units in Ireland are now reaching 300MW. There is no need for this in a system without large amounts of wind energy. I know of hospitals relying on diesel generators causing unnecessary pollution for sick patients. This is just going to get worse as prices rise and more unreliable wind farms are built.

  3. The admin really does need to take of his rose tinted glasses and stop scaremongering about diesel generators. We're making great advances in energy storage. We have an energy mix. Where are all the billions of people of Africa going to be housed when climate change makes Africa unbearable to live in? We've already seen the effect climate change has had in Syria with farmers abandoning the countryside and causing social issues as they flee to the cities for work. The less fossil fuels we use, the better it is for the planet. Energy security from home sourced energy generation is good. You remember Fukushima? All imported gas headed for our shores were diverted to Japan and the cost of gas shot up. These companies were prepared to pay fines for non-delivery of gas. We're at the mercy of wealthy barrons in Russia and Arab states. People living in Qatar don't pay for their energy because we pay their bills for them out of our energy bills! With gas prices controlled by a world market, the less we rely on fossil fuels, the better off we will be.
    The admins clearly fear change and that is obvious from the closed mind views coming across in this blog.

    1. Global population is rising and has risen consistently for the past 30 years.

      This couldnt happen if there was any truth to your global warming claims.

    2. The argument that all change is good is a serious logical fallacy. Im sure Hitler and Stalin thought change was good too.

    3. Gas in Ireland is imported from the UK, Norway and Holland. We also have our own gas supplies in Corrib.

  4. I have predicted that climate change hysteria has a life cycle beginning in 2006 peaking in 2013 and ending in 2019. We now see events such as was never expected. Brexit and Trump being the most noteworthy. Climate change was begun in America by Gore but it was Europe and particularly Germany that picked up the baton. Hysteria is always confined to periods of comparative peace and stability. Humans evolved to sleep with one eye open. When security is achieved (it can only ever be temporary) that eye turns to invention. It invents a threat.

    Now the peace is threatened in a small way by Brexit and Trump, but in a big way by the belief by Germany that Russia is going to steal territory to the east. Britain is not the one of old, it is a multicultural Britain that cannot ever raise a fighting force from its population. The Germans think Trump can't be trusted, (he only asked them to pay towards the cost). So the German Army is already planning for a time when it will be on its own. In such an environment the idea of fretting hysterically that the temperature will rise in 100 years time is hardly worthy of diverting resources to climate.

    After all the ones to reap the benefit of the new (climate change free ) Europe could be Russia, not Europeans. How can you possible persuade your enemies to contribute towards a better environment where you are in control, when they want to be in control with you as a slave?

  5. Look at it this way. If the goal of climate changers is to preserve the world for our descendants. They being lovely cuddly babies who will grow into rock stars and sports icons, it is essential that the status quo militarily and politically persists for at least 100 years. (Picture yourself as being back in 1917). So as long as the worried climate changers believe it will be their descendants who will be in control and (out and about) in 100 years time and capable of thanking them for cutting back on fossil fuel, the sacrifices will be well worth while.

    But what is it becomes doubtful that their ancestors will be out and about and operating the same democratic system westerners operate now? What if the crops of wheat, fruit and potatoes is at risk of being harvested by someone else. Muslims, Russians, Chinese.

    What if our descendants inherit a decent climate, but a tyrannical undemocratic brutal political system in which they are yoked to the plough? How can that be sold to voters in 2020?

  6. Val Martin, you are deluded. Go see a doctor. I'm sure that they will lock you up in an institution. You are mentally unstable.
    I have no time or respect for armchair critics like yourself. You're a farmer, not a scientist.