Monday, 18 December 2017

China Energy In Numbers - Part Two

China are building an additional 70GW of natural gas capacity between now and 2040. 

This is enough capacity to meet the entire demand of Germany on a December day. Germany has a population of 80 million people and a manufacturing sector second only to China on a global scale (it's manufacturing sector accounts for 23% of its GDP and is double that of the UK). 

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  1. The Chinese are clever enough to wind turbines are junk engineering that might last 7 to ten years producing very little electricity and saving very little co2 . If we had used combined cycle gas generation instead of wind generation we would have had achieved more reductions in co2 emissions and has a safer grid than we currently have. It would also have been much cheaper . With no need for a PSO.

  2. Lot of people going cold in china as they make the switch from coal to gas -

    "Beijing scaled back its plan to convert northern cities to cleaner fuel this winter after provinces warned of gas shortages, residents struggled to keep warm and reports of freezing classrooms deepened concerns about a heating crisis."

  3. As a society we seem to be becoming more and more amenable to "news" that reinforces our existing beliefs, and switching off when presented with hard evidence that runs counter to them. The big, bad world remains as active as ever outside of our warm and comfortable cocoon, and any number of beliefs are no defence against the harsh realities with which, if unprepared, we are ever closer to collide.
    And the really big lie is the equating of renewable energy deployment with sustainable living and environmental preservation. We surely don't need the opaque reporting and state controlled news that characterises modern China if we are unable to open our own eyes in the first place!

  4. Centralised planning DOES NOT WORK. That is the problem with all quasi democratic half dictatorships like China and The EU. Too many of the post country fair type cattle sales men still too active in Ireland. All they are up to is determining a fair price for a beast. Nothing else. Hence the wind program.Life in Ireland is all about subsidies since these clowns got to know how the EU works. Getting real things to operate, with out subsidies, would be a big problem for these types. The Chinese do not need to move from coal. Solar variation and cosmic rays cause the climate to change not co2. So says Henrik Svensmark