Sunday, 15 April 2018

Daffodils Blooming Late This Year - Media Silence

Photo credit: Irish Examiner

Daffodils have only begun to bloom in Ireland in the last week due to the very cold winter and spring. This is about four or five weeks later than usual. In recent years, the media have whipped up hysteria when there was an early bloom in January, such as happened in 2012 and 2016.

But now that they are very late blooming, there is stone cold silence in the media as it doesn't suit their narrative that the world is warming dangerously.

We have installed 3,000MW of wind turbines all around Ireland in the past ten years in the hope that we could stave off climate change. But still, the climate keeps doing it's own thing, it goes through periodic changes, as it's been doing since forever, completely oblivious to what man is doing.


  1. Solar Variation causes climate change. No sun spots lower temperatures longer winters.Less silage for farmers. But Irish Farmers put up wind turbines in the hope that the world did not heat up too much by reducing co2 emissions. Instead it was the sun that did it. Caused the fodder crisis.

  2. Once upon a time there were investigative journalists who verified their data before publishing their conclusion. Those days seem to be long gone; if the data does not meet the predetermined conclusion, it is simply ignored. News that is omitted is the other side of the coin from that which is false (fake news?).

    Or perhaps the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation is on the brink of tipping into a weak phase, which apparently may push the North Atlantic Drift away from our shores and lead to a cooling of the Irish western seaboard. In a paper in Nature this week, scientists Thornalley et al postulate a decline commencing around 1850, probably owing to increased freshwater influx from Arctic ice that had melted at the end of a relatively cold period called the Little Ice Age.

    In a second paper, Caesar et al. used global climate models and data sets of sea surface temperature to date the onset of the weakening to more recent times, around the mid-twentieth century. According to their models, the slowdown has led to a cooling of sea surface temperatures in parts of the northern Atlantic, together with a slight northward shift of the mean Gulf Stream path. This, the authors say, is probably a consequence of anthropogenic climate change.

    So we have two learned papers whose authors are quite happy to attribute their findings to anthropogenic climate change despite the fact that there is a hundred years between the dates at which the weakening commenced. A tolerance of +/- 100 years apparently is due to "limited knowledge of oceanic behaviour". A scientist's way of saying "we don't have a clue", but nevertheless is all down to anthropogenic climate change.

    So please tell the daffodils . . .

  3. bad bad flowers, didn't get the memo from blessed sainted Al Gore obviously...

  4. April 1947, 1963, 1982, 2010, 2011, 2013 and now 2018 were all very late and very cold because the climate is doing it's own thing. Any farmer will tell you of the difficulty it is causing. The cost is running into several hundreds of million of Euros.
    The narrative for man made global warming is that it will get
    warmer and wetter. This conflicts with the evidence, because it is obviously not getting warmer anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. During the last ice age, there was one mile high of ice as far south as continental Europe and well down on the present USA. This ice could only have come from rain or snow. The abundance of ice proves cold periods are also wet periods and that temperature is not directly related to precipitation. In Britain this year there was a heavy death toll due to the cold, which was reported, but very sparingly. I have been keeping a watchful eye on temperature records at Cape Norris Jesop and am finding evidence of data publication manipulation. They make it impossible analyse random data. This appears to have gotten worse since I began examining it and reporting on social media. This is difficult to prove but I cannot understand why records of temperature is not published from weather stations in raw form. I have been searching but cannot find it.

  5. I'll take my climate date from scientists not armchair critics with rose tinted glasses. Thanks.

    1. There were two warm periods in the last 2,000 years, why were they removed from IPCC which artificially makes the current warming look unique?
      The average date for arrival of bird species known as "Barn Swallows" is the 10th of April in my part of Ireland. I have been out and about in my area this last week and I saw none at all. It's two cold for fly life on which they feed. This type of late spring happened in 2010, 2011, 2013 and now 2018. If there comes an early spring next year, the media will claim it is evidence of global warming.

  6. Anonymous above takes his climate dat(e)a from scientists. Then answer this to be 99.999999...% certain your data analysis is correct scientists should use +/- 3 standard deviations when determining sample sizes. But the IPCC uses +/- 2 standard deviations in determining sample sizes to be used in climate research. Which basically says that after you lump 6 samples are lumped together you have 33% possibility of error. 6 or 8 samples and you are getting close to 50% error in you conclusions. Because of bad data.