Sunday, 17 April 2016

CO2 Emissions Variations in CCGTs Used to Balance Wind in Ireland

There's an interesting analysis of CCGT emissions and how it is affected by high wind generation along with an interesting discussion posted over at Energy Matters website :


  1. Governments will not allow stress tests on wind energy like they do for banks and audits. They know the results will not favour wind. Another way is to check countries where there is a lot of wind generation and compare to ones that have not it. The evidence from Denmark, Germany and Spain is that wind causes an increase in co2 overall. I am not surprised and predicted this in my videos valmartinireland you tube. Check tham out

    1. Val . They never did a Feasibility Study. Why would they stress test some thing that they never determined was actually possible. I see they are now saying wind penetration is back down to 19%. This 19% probably includes exports so real internal R.O.I. market penetration could be as low as 17%. Hundreds of megawatts of extra capacity and virtually no output increase over the last 3 to 5 years. Simply Clever.