Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Is Something Happening to the Seas Around Ireland ?

Post by Owen Martin

Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) have lately been showing a large cold blob around Ireland and Western Europe. The SST Anomaly shows how colder or warmer a sea region is from the long term average. Right now it's colder than average for this time of the year.

If we look at previous SST maps, we can see that for every year in the recent past, the SST was warmer than average around Ireland at this time of year. Not since the year 2000 (last on below graphs), has there been anything even remotely comparable although the current "blob" dwarfs that one.

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  1. Its extremely cold in Ireland, even the weather forecasters agree.No grass, swallows late with no flies to eat. Yet at the end of the month, there will be no announcement that it was a cold month. Only warm months are selected for publicity. Ireland will be lucky to have a summer (when no indoor fire is required) from 30th May to 30th September. 4 months. That leaves 8 months when its cold (indoor heating required). Yet no one will consider that the earth may be cooling, not warming. I hear there is a new film coming out called "follow the money" a critique of the global warming racket. Might be worth a view. The greens can't keep this up for ever, some media outlet is bound to be left out of the money and turn their coat. Once the public get a few facts, the whole climate change racket will collapse. Also both Cruz and Trump are aware of the scam and are likely to attack Hillary Clinton in the election campaign whoever wins the Republican nomination.