Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Climate Change in Ireland - The Inconvenient Facts

I've started a new You Tube channel today titled "Coming Up For Air", and the first video is a neat summary of the various points made about climate change on this blog over the years :


  1. Good video. Looking at global temperature data for the past half million years is also interesting.

    Keep it up!

  2. Strong correlation shown between the AMO and the Valentia records. Makes sense that increasing urbanisation of the Phoenix Park contributes to locally elevated temperature. Michael O'Leary got where he is by being an original thinker, and his rejection of the political climate change consensus cannot be dismissed out of hand.

    PS. Really look forward to those drier summers as the AMO moves to a negative phase. Don't know how useful they will be for data centre cooling though . . . . could the current initiative of the Dept. Jobs and Innovation to woo data centres be another own goal? Sure to be underwritten by the long suffering taxpayer as yet another (REFIT) subsidy!

  3. Poor quality electricity ,outside 50 Hertz+/- 1.0 % range, will cause the power supplies in the Data Centres servers to heat up and eventually go on fire. I wonder will our cool climate stop that from happening. As you increase wind penetration in the system the quality of the electricity reduces. Some wind farm supply electricity to the grid at 48 hertz. On the issue of climate change many of the proposers of this new religion now agree that there was no increase in global temperatures in the last almost 20 years . In other words the pause is genuine and cannot be denied. Proving that there is no link between co2 emission increases and actual temperature increases.