Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Should Ireland Leave the EU ?

A new report by Ray Bassett outlines just how hard it's going to be for Ireland to avoid consideration of an Irexit after Brexit . Right now, our politicians don't want to contemplate leaving the EU and are proudly wearing the EU jersey's. But as Bassett points out, so much of our economies are intertwined and inter-dependent that at some stage Ireland will have no choice but to contemplate an exit. Throw into the mix the direction EU is heading and things get even worse for Ireland. The full report can be read here and it's worthwhile reading through it all :

The loss of influence has been seen in the European Parliament. The concept of a directly elected European Parliament makes no sense unless the aim is a United States of Europe. The democratic element in the EU is provided for by the individual governments and their parliaments. For a country like Ireland to agree to transfer powers to an institution like the European Parliament where it has little or no say, given the relative sizes of the Member States, is bizarre to say the least. However, Ireland has been enthusiastic about giving up its powers to this unwieldly body.
Personally, even as a Euro-skeptic,  I think it's wise at this early stage to stick with team EU to see how the dice will fall, however, the option to leave must be put firmly on the table to strengthen our hand.   
Therefore, given the circumstances, Irexit has to be the option for Ireland in a hard Brexit situation. In any negotiation, there must be a bottom line and if breached, the option of walking away must always be there. Irexit is a definite option for Ireland, should the UK and the EU not arrive at a satisfactory deal.
At some stage, as Bassett's report points out, we are going to have to weigh up the costs and benefits of leaving the EU. Better to begin planning now. A Brexit minister should be appointed straight away. Instead, our government will focus on climate change and other trivial matters by comparison.


  1. Have you stopped for a second to consider the motivation behind the propaganda machine that is Policy Exchange ? Founded by Michael Gove, it is clearly a pro Brexit influencer in Westminster. Or how about the ex ambassador's history stationed in ex British colonies to boot. Again clearly influenced by the old British empire mentality, commonwealth etc and/or/maybe CANZUK. Our very own Lilco, god help us.

  2. Most economic activity is either based on accessing subsidies and the low corporation tax. Allowing massive tax laundering following a relatively small capital investment The Irish economy will implode if, as is more likely , the EU disintegrates. The Germans need the €uro as a return to the DMark would cause massive economic dislocation. After years of economic decision making assuming that they could continue using the relatively weak €uro. Which only suits the Germans. Personally I think we should get out at the earliest opportunity.As Jupiter might start throwing shapes causing the Poles and their allies to withdraw.

  3. Is the Corrupt EU Commission now paying for comment on this blog now?.We should get out as soon as is possible