Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Future of the EU and Relations with Ireland

The figures above were shown during the Irexit conference today in Dublin. They show that Ireland paid €400 million net towards the EU budget in 2016. Since there is now a €15 billion black hole in the EU budget due to Brexit, it is expected that Ireland will have to contribute a lot more. As a result, it is fairly predictable that the EU will want to force Apple and other multinationals in Ireland to pay more tax. They can see a money pot there and they need to get their hands on it. 

Right now the media ridicule any suggestion of an Irexit.  How things might soon change in Ireland if the likes of Apple decide to relocate as a result of EU pressure to pay more tax. 


  1. You got to keep in mind our contributions to the EU are based on our Leprechaun Economy Statistics that create the Leprechaun GDP figures. The real GDP is about half the Leprechaun GDP. So our contributions are nearly double the percentage based on the Leprechaun GDP.

  2. It is hard to see how a hard border can be avoided.