Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Radio Debate on Wind Energy

There was a very good wind energy debate on the Pat Kenny show yesterday between Paula Byrne of Wind Aware Ireland and Kenneth Matthews of IWEA. It can be listened to here :

It was interesting how Kenneth Matthews chides Paula Byrne for talking about emission savings from wind of 2.5% in all energy sectors (transport, electricity and heating), rather than the savings in the electricity sector only,  when he began the argument for wind by talking about the € 6 Billion of fossil fuel imports per annum, which comprises the fuel used in all sectors. In fact, 75% of the € 6 Billion fuel bill relates to oil, which makes up a tiny proportion of fuel used in electricity :

“While penetration of renewables continues, our fossil fuel import bill was still €6 billion in 2011, with oil accounting for three quarters of that. - See more at:

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