Saturday, 12 September 2015

Climate scientists predicted an Ice Age

Back in the 1970s, climate experts predicted that we were entering an Ice Age. Arctic ice was expanding and temperatures were dropping - pretty much the exact opposite of what they are claiming today. Funny enough sales of woolly jumpers have yet to rise.

But one has to wonder - whatever happened to that 1.5C (2.7F) drop in temperature ?


  1. Anyone ever do regression analysis on this stuff?

  2. The article, being written by an American, cites a temperature of 2.7F; you, being a European, assume that means 2.7C. Is this sort of Chinese whispers how such misunderstandings arise?

    1. The 2010 Cancun Climate Change Conference agreed to take measures to limit global temperature rise to less that 2°C compared with pre-industrial times to prevent runaway climate change.
      The piece above in Time dated 24 June 1974 cites findings that the average global temperature had dropped 1.5° over the previous 30 years. I repeat; does anyone do regression analysis on this stuff?

  3. You can see on this graph that much of this cooling was related to a negative AMO phase that began in 1960 and peaked around 74/75 at the time the Time article was written:

    If man died out tomorrow, the climate would still change and fluctuate as it has done for millenia.

  4. The intuitive thing to do is to examine temperature records from about 16 dispersed locations worldwide. I say 16 because I suspect social, political, military and economic upheaval made it very difficult to find reliable data in many areas. The Gardai (Irish Police) kept very accurate records of rainfall since 1923, but unfortunately they kept no temperature records. I would like to see the results of mercury or alcohol thermometers recorded in the course of duty by accountable officials dating back at least 150 years from, Velentia, Greenwitch, Northern Scotland, Iceland, South Africa, Falkland Islands, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Russia north and South, a reliable Middle east location, New England, Florida and French Guiana. Other similar locations would do. I have been searching for such data for 5 years and have asked for links from pro-climate change people with no joy whatsoever. One would imagine that such data would be the first thing those proposing climate change would provide. But it appears not. Instead they rely on a type of religious dogmatic philosophy calling me a "denier" Unfortunately, the East Anglia University was found cooking the books and so has NASA. I put the question here, can anyone provide me with reliable temperature data from mercury or alcohol thermometers as set out above? In its absence, all I can do is tell readers that I have been around since the 1950's and been outdoors all my life. There was a slight temperature increase from about 1989 to 2004, evidenced by the lack of winter snow ( a very rough measure) but its now back to the same as it was in the 1960s, if anything its a little cooler in general and much cooler in Ireland during the last 4 years. When I checked out the claims that the Arctic/Antartic Icecaps were shrinking, I wondered who went up to take measurement at the time that the early explorers attempted to reach the poles? How did they get there in the age of the Husky. It turned out that all the data available came from weather satellites launched after 1979, there are no records before that. Yet the spin being put is that there were. Anyone like to advise, please do. In order to measure anything, you need a base value and a measurement value. There are measurement values now, where are the base values?