Saturday, 3 October 2015

It's the year 2050 - Europe's Energy Union plunges Northern Europe into darkness

On the 3rd October, 2050, Ireland, the UK and France were collectively plunged into darkness as winds around Northern Europe stubbornly refused to blow.

No wind blowing all day in Ireland :

No wind blowing all day either in the UK :

And across the channel, France also sans vent for the whole day:

All three Governments are holding a joint candle lit meeting in Paris with renewable experts. The experts have advised that all 15 interconnectors, which connect all three countries, are working and in fine order, but that there is no electricity power to run through them. They also said that climate change had made the nice bright summer evenings shorter during Autumn which means the solar panels are not working either. But didnt we spend billions on Telsa storage units asks the French Prime Minister ? Yes, the experts say, but we used up all the stored power last night. Apparently, the wind wasn't blowing all week. And the wind forecast for next week is not looking good either.

The Irish Prime Minister then came up with a clever idea - can't we chop down some trees, he asked, and burn them for fuel like we did in the old days. The experts replied, this would work, but we don't have any oil for the chainsaws.   

There was then much debate about rolling back on the 2050 Fossil Fuel Free Europe plan and importing emergency supplies of oil from Russia. But, fearing a backlash from their Green Party coalition partners, this idea was soon dropped in favor of the lumberjack conscription plan where EU males, now all sitting at home with no work to go to, would chop down trees using conventional saws and axes. The Irish prime minister, Herr Enda Kenny, now 108, was much happy with himself for helping resolve this crisis - "Sure a bit of physical work never hurt anyone. It will stop them complaining of the cold".

However, he was soon disappointed to hear that his electric car and plane had run out of fuel and he would have to return to Ireland on horseback.


  1. My late father PJ worked in O'Reilly Concrete in Kingscourt where work started at 8.30 am. Some workers would came in early due to transport arrangements etc. There was no heater in the canteen and workers complained of being cold. One very cold morning PJ announced that management has invested in a new heater for their comfort.
    When they pushed him for more detail, he went to the store and produced a spanking new bristle yard sweeping brush.

  2. Smoky candles were banned in 2016 . . . .

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