Monday, 5 October 2015

Professor Richard Dawkins says wind turbines are not the solution to energy problems

For a while, I thought most scientists had lost the run of themselves and got carried away with green fairy tales but thankfully Richard Dawkins has shown he is still in full possession of his intellectual faculties.

Nuclear energy is one of the great inventions of science and Professor Dawkins clearly sees that the future is nuclear :

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  1. Professor Deter helm and many other experts say the same. I have attended many events designed to promote wind energy and I have made two statement which should elicit a sharp rebuke from supporters of the technology. The first is that there is no agreed scientific way to measure the contribution of wind energy on a grid system and the second statement is that industrial wind farms are net consumers of electricity when measured over one year. You might think the latter statement would induce a strong rebuttal, but no, not a dick bird. In fact when one looks at the experience available, there is a good reason to claim that the grid is running the turbines, not the other way about. The Emperor has no clothes.