Monday, 29 February 2016

Apple data centre delayed

There's an interesting twist in the Apple data centre saga as An Bord Pleanala have raised questions about it's renewable credentials :

"An Bord Plean├íla’s second issue is how Apple will make good on its promise to power the centre entirely from renewable energy. The letter said: “No site or project-specific information regarding renewable energy projects is provided and details of how they might be connected to the proposed development is required.”

Obviously, most of Apple's claims about renewable energy are hocus pocus designed to appeal to young hipsters but now they will actually have to back up their claims with a plan based on engineering reality rather than ideology. Things could get tricky for them.

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  1. The wind energy industry have been paying into the election funds of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael Sinn Fein and Labour since wind energy became the buzz policy. They got great value for the expense with solid government policies supporting subsidies. This time the electorate got sick of having policy dictated by lobbyists and voted more for independents. So this begs the question, what value did the vested interests get for their money this time?, Not as much as before me thinks.