Sunday, 7 February 2016

Whale strandings not a new phenomonen

There's a strong tendency for people to believe they live in unique or extreme times but whales have always been found stranded along the coast of UK and Ireland :

Article from 1903

January 1985, 30 years ago, was as bad or even worse for whale strandings than January this year :

January 1985

Before fossil fuels, whales were hunted to near extinction, due to the demand for their oil. Fossil fuels helped save the whale. 

Article from 1879


  1. Some are blaming off shore wind farms for this, but the above shows whales had a tendency to do it before that. Being mammals, perhaps they have an evolutionary link to the land dating back to when they first took to the water. The old saying "what goes in in the bone, comes out in the flesh" springs to mind.

  2. If there was a person still alive aged 10,000 years, they might enlighten us on climate change theory.