Saturday, 13 February 2016

Public Conference on Ireland's Energy Future


Tuesday 16th February 2016

The Hamlet Hotel 
Johnstown Bridge , Enfield - Starting 7.30 pm sharp - 10.00pm
Pat Swords -Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.   Chartered Environmentalist.
       ‘Ireland’s Wind Energy Programme, Hype and Ideology, Time to get off the Bandwagon'
     David Hughes - Secretary Passive House Association of Ireland
2016 and Beyond...a “NeW” approach to Energy Independence for our next 100 years.

Presentations will be followed by Questions and Answers
Tea, Coffee & Biscuits.

Conference Open To All - Seating From 7.00 pm - email : 

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  1. This is from the election manifesto of Renua, a new political party in Ireland. Reported in the Irish Farmer's Journal

    "Wind farms

    And in a policy move that is likely to be well received by a number of farmers across the country, Renua has also positioned itself against wind farms.

    Ireland should devise an alternative energy strategy

    The party stated that the main justification for wind farms is that they are a provider of cheap energy and reduce emissions.

    “Increasingly these main justifications are falling apart,” it said. “Renua Ireland does not believe the economic case being made by supporters of wind farms and pylons, and throughout Europe wind farm energy is seen now as being a source of dear rather than cheap energy.”

    The party added that Ireland should stop being “an outlier” in this regard and devise “an alternative energy strategy” such as biomass.

    Wind Aware Ireland, a group made up of rural communities throughout the country, is chaired by part-time farmer Henry Fingleton, and is vociferous in its objections to wind farms in Ireland.

    Reacting to this policy announcement from Renua, the group says it “welcomes a party whose policy on wind farms is based on evidence rather than ideology”.

    It also says it “challenges other parties to defend their position on wind farms”.

    So that is a first.