Thursday, 2 July 2015

Better late than never - Minister sees sense

The commercial success of onshore wind means that we are now at the point where a gradual move to a more market based support for the technology is appropriate - Alex White, Minsiter for Energy, 26th May 2015.


  1. The Minister is mistaken if he believes subsidies can be removed and the wind electricity industry remain financially viable Export prices over EWIC vary from €.6 per megawatt to €0.0 per megawatt hour. The spot market prices in Denmark for January 1st and 2nd January varied from between €30.00 per megawatt hour to -(minus)€30.00 per megawatt hour. The average being €6.77 per megawatt hour ignoring transmission costs. The market value of one megawatt of electricity is usually around €45 to €50.00 per megawatt. The wind electricity industry is going to become a giant charity selling electricity below cost and stay in business without subsidies. I do not think so.

    1. Well of course one could argue that the fuel costs for wind farms are zero so they should be capable of selling below other generators selling price..........