Saturday, 7 July 2018

North South Interconnector in Doubt Following Northern Ireland Ruling

An appeal court in Northern Ireland has ruled that civil servants could not give the green light to a controversial incinerator in Belfast in the absence of a full Executive in Stormont. This ruling will have consequences for another legal challenge in the North against the North South Intereconnector which was made on the same basis i.e. civil servants making a decision on large infrastructure projects in the absence of an Executive. 

While many will argue that this could lead to the lights going out in Northern Ireland, this blog has made the case that other options were never looked at and closed off from the beginning. More here and here

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  1. It does make any difference whether the North South Interconnector is built or not the lights will go out in Northern Ireland. The Idea that the North South interconnector would keep the lights on is another Eirgrid canard. The chance that the amount of surplus wind electricity generated in the South being sufficient will be close to zero. Sliabh Bawn had a capacity factor in 2017 of 14.8% and another great state investment Mount Lucas was at 14.1% . A lot lower than is claimed by that canard prone outfit Eirgrid , at 31% and that comedy institute The I.W.E.A. at 35%.They Eirgrid and the I.W.E.A, should discover the concept of Silence Magno.